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Bundle vinyl package that includes all 12 tracks from Hinds' debut album Leave Me Alone plus previously released B sides, 2 new cover songs and the very first take demos of tracks from the original album.

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Leave Me Alone

Side A
• Garden
• Fat Calmed Kiddos
• Warts
• Easy
• Castigadas En El Granero
• Solar Gap
Side B
• Chili Town
• Bamboo
• San Diego
• And I Will Send Your Flowers Back
• I'll Be Your Man
• Walking Home

Side A
• Holograma
• When It Comes To You
• Castigas En El Granero (Barn)
• Between Cans (Barn)
• Trippy Gum
• Davey Crockett
Side B
• Whiskey (Demo)
• Walking Home (Demo)
• San Diego (Demo)
• Fat Calmed Kiddos (Demo)
• Chili Town (Demo)
• Castigas En El Granero (8-bit) prod. TC Tyge